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RANA Youth
Trenton Area Soup Kitchen
October 8, 2017
200 Meals
It gives us great pride to acknowledge the participation of our youth in our Chapter’s Gandhi Community Service Day that took place on October 8th. Pictures are up in the Gallery section of The following youth enthusiastically prepared 200 meal packages for the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen—Akshat Gohil. Ayush Gohil, Ananya Singh, Aryan Singh, Dhvani Rathod, Jaiveer Rathod, Aditri Singh, Shaurya Singh, Yagya Sengar.
Thank you to all the youth volunteers, coordinator Ambika Singh and all the parents that encouraged their children to participate, especially since they took time from their busy weekend to attend.
RANA Youth
Trenton Area Soup Kitchen
October 2nd, 2016
300 Meals
A special Thank you to RANA NJ Chapter Youth Akahat, Ayush, Aryan, Ananya and Amisha for their community service to the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK). They prepared meals for 300 people in need. Kudos to all the parents that supported this event and to Ambika for gathering the ingredients and helping to deliver the meals to TASK.
Faith Aalingan; Home for HIV + Children, Jaipur, India
August, 2016
Shree Mahida, Gaurav Jadav, Roshni Padihar and Yash Singh raised in excess of $2,500 for Faith Aalingan. Shree, Gaurav and Roshni visited Faith an interacted with the children. Here is a message from Roshni after the trip:

Meeting the kids was an incredible experience, they were all so kind and inviting with open arms and smiles. There are currently 33 boys and 16 girls at the two care homes at Faith Sansthan. Meeting them all was wonderful and being able to spend the time that I did with them, I would never want to trade. The kids’ ages range from about 5 years to full adults, some working as staff. When you first meet the kids, you don’t think that they are living with and fighting a disease. They just seem so happy and I think it is incredible that they are given a chance to be able to have a normal childhood and household to live in. Within the care homes they are given shelter, nutritional food, medication that they need, an education and schooling, clothing, etc. It really puts into perspective what we take for granted, and how much value such things hold. Getting to know a few of the kids and going to the doctors with them really impacted me personally. Since I aspire to work with kids in the medical field, it was interesting to see the different types of hospitals in India, as well as it attached me to the children because I wanted them to get the treatment they deserved which Smriti Ji rightfully makes sure they do.
I think one down side was not being able to spend enough time with the kids, but then again, maybe there isn’t ever enough time. I definitely would love to visit the kids again, and help out as much as i can as well. I think this is hands down the best and most meaningful participation I have taken that is a part of RANA. I definitely think it should continue, and hope future youth will take interest in it.
Thank You RANA for giving me this opportunity.

RANA-NJ Youth Ambassador Program
December 31, 2015
New Year Eve Extravaganza. Fundraiser for the RANA-NJ Chapter Youth Ambassador Program for Young Adult/Youth community service projects in India. This will take place in the month of August with several members participating in this enriching activity.
Arsha Vidya Gurukulum
November 8th, 2015
Contributed to the Gurukulum by those that participated in the Diwali retreat at the Gurukulum.
Boston University; Singh Imagineering Lab
October 10th, 2015
In Loving Memory of Hridaybasi Singh
Hindu Society of North Carolina
October 10th, 2015
In Loving Memory of Hridaybasi Singh
RANA Youth
Trenton Area Soup Kitchen
October 4th, 2015
400 Meals
The Gandhi Community Service Project was sponsored by Dr. Sunil and Smt. Sadhna Singh. RANA Youth that participated in this wonderful community service event are as follows:

Vinu Singh, Age 12
Vishu Singh, Age 12
Parents: Divya and Akilesh Singh

Aryan Singh, Age 10
Ananya Singh, Age 12
Parents: Rashmi and RajShekhar Singh

Veer Singh, Age 9
Diya Singh, Age 5
Parents: Madhuri and Uday Singh

Shaurya Singh, Age 9
Parents: Anand & Bindya Singh

Partha Parihar
September 11th to September 13th.
Dharma Conference
Amount Awarded By RANA NJ $1,000+.

Message from Rajiv Singh: A brief introduction to Parth. He is the son of long time RANA members Devendra Pal and Rachita Singh. His sister’s name is Prachi. Parth has regularly attended RANA functions from early childhood. He recently graduated from Princeton University and is now a PhD Candidate at Princeton University. He is a key facilitator of the Dharma Conference.

As a Hindu-American youth living in North America, I– like many of you– may have wondered what makes us so different and shapes our distinct identity. Undoubtedly, one of these things is dharma, a concept that goes well beyond religion and encompasses the spiritual and cultural heritage of India and provides a framework for living a sustainable, meaningful, and simultaneously enjoyable life. This September, Hindu Students Council– the largest Hindu youth organization in North America– celebrates dharma through the 2015 Global Dharma Conference, seeking to reconnect Hindu-Americans to its various applications in our day-to-day lives. The conference will seek to accomplish this through hands-on yoga and meditation and stimulating conversation with eminent spiritual leaders, prominent business professionals, elite scientists, among many others. The event will be held at the NJ Convention and Expo Center (Raritan Center) in Edison, NJ, from September 11th – 13th. The event will be graced by several eminent personalities, including Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji, Dr. H.R. Nagendra ji (PM Modi’s personal yoga teacher), Rajiv Malhotra ji, and several Indian-American celebrities, including Nina Davuluri. Saturday night will feature a grand concert with artists from India and the U.S., inspired by traditions from Guyana to Bali. A full roster of speakers and performers along with the conference schedule can be found online at our website:
I have personally been involved in the core planning of this event. My motivation and inspiration comes from the tremendous value I see within our traditions for peace, whether it is within our own minds, amongst all peoples, or with respect to the environment we live in. In many ways, I have only begun to scratch the surface of this deep value, but I realize that we can only begin to appreciate dharma if we seek to learn more about our own traditions. Herein lies the essence of why the Global Dharma Conference is such an important endeavor for our community. I would therefore urge all of you to support the efforts of the youth in seeking to protect, preserve, and promote dharma, particularly as Rajputs, whose duty and responsibility has always been to defend these very traditions.

Best Wishes,
Parth Parihar, RANA youth member
Assistant Chair of Program, Global Dharma Conference

Ananya Singh’s
Monday, August 24, 2015
Animal Farm Sanctuary
Amount Awarded By RANA-NJ $100.
All animal deserve love and good treatment, and unfortunately not all animals get love. Animals are so abused and mistreated, because they don’t have a voice in our society . We need to be their voice and speak up for what is right. There is something so simple you can do to provide animals love and stop abuse is donate for the wonderful cause of farm sanctuary!! I am attending the walk for farm animals, on October 10 in New York City, which helps Farm Sanctuary rescue, feed, provide homes and administer urgent care to animals who have come from horrible conditions where they face cruel conditions, like factory farms, stockyards, natural disasters and abuse and neglect cases! My fundraising page has more information about what your money will do, if you donate! Click Here To Donate