Camping 2017 Reminder


Exactly 2 weeks away from the annual RANA camping trip.  So many exciting things on the schedule including a DOSA Party, Rathod Family Sponsored Chulha Party, Magnificent Mutton BBQ, Sunday Morning Breakfast Sponsored by Sadhna Singh and Pushpa Singh, Hiking on the Appalachian Trail, Pizza/Sandwiches Sunday afternoon at a Pavilion reserved by Mukesh Parmar at Pine Grove Furnace State Park (includes boating, fishing and biking), trip to Gettysburg Outlet Mall, Late night campfires, catered dinner from a local restaurant on Monday night and so much more.

Although we would love to see you for the duration of the camping trip, many will be coming for 2 days/1 night and staying in a local hotel.  There are options for this on the website.


Attached is the flyer for the event.  Please register at  Hope to see you there.



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