RANA Camping/Chapter Video and Final Numbers from Treasurer


Here is a recent chapter video:

You can also find the same video on our website in the video section:


We were within a few hundred dollars of a surplus of $3,000 and our Treasurer Sanjay Singh chipped in an extra few hundred dollars to get us there. Many of the campers did not give receipts for common expenses, donating their costs to the chapter. Here is some information from Sanjay ji:

…….I know many folks purchased stuff for the event and did not charge for it, and many folks just contributed extra amounts. It took the proverbial village to get us here. In the end, we can truly claim we had a fun filled event and on by the way, generated a $3000 surplus which we can use for a good cause…..

…….Incidentally, our bank balance is $16,432 now and expected to increase to ~$17,200 by the time I receive the remaining checks, and payments made by us are encashed. We inherited a balance of $15k, and also inherited several liabilities like RANA youth ambassador payments of $2000. Since this EC took over, we have paid out previous liabilities and generated a surplus of ~$4000 to date. Pretty cool……..

Its awesome to have a highly accomplished CFO of a major corporation to be Treasurer. Pictures of camping to follow soon.



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